Artist Statement

My sculptures are inspired by iconic images found throughout Ireland, such as New Grange, the Book of Kells, the architecture of Christian churches, and the political art of Northern Ireland.  I utilize similar quality of line and style of traditional interlace Knotwork, but with modern materials and tools in order to place these sculptures in the present. While the works of the Neolithic and Christian eras have been created through subtractive stone carving, I choose additive steel fabrication which allows me to echo the contemplative and spiritual feelings of the stone monuments while allowing me to open up the form, exposing its interior, and creating an uplifting, gravity defying visual element.

Public works, either the stones of the Neolithic period or the political murals of today, have a direct effect on the people living around them.   They inspire many myths and legends, provide spiritual contemplation, commemorate historic events, express complex feelings and beliefs, and define a sense of place.  I choose to create outdoor sculpture so that my work may become part of a community environment and be experienced by all the people within its community.